A Special General Meeting was held on 21st March 2024 prior to the screening of Clara Sola to address the future of the film society, make changes to the Constitution and elect a new commitee. The proposals were carried unanimously. See below for links to the minutes of the meeting.

Rachel Cross
David Gill
Karen Howes
Mark Nelson
Anne Ord Sykes
John Sunter

Film Programming Volunteers
Mark Bendall
Linda Cloet
Val Shannon


The Society’s accounts for the 13-month period ending 30th April 2024 can be seen here

The Society’s accounts for the financial year 2022-23 can be seen here.

General Meetings

Special General Meeting held on 21st March 2024

AGM 12th October 2023

AGM 22nd September 2022

AGM 18th November 2021

There was no AGM in 2020, instead, an Annual Report & Accounts was published

AGM 24th April 2019

AGM 8th May 2018

AGM 25th April 2017