Our 2023-2024 season continues on Thursday 7th December  with Winners + Smile!

Christmas reception sponsored by Vain Hair & Beauty

Full details of the films showing in our 2023/2024  season can be found on  the Programme page and on the Storyhouse Chester Film Society page.

Winners + Smile

9-year-old Yahya and his best friend, Leyla scramble over the local rubbish dump, foraging for recyclable plastics in exchange for a handful of change. Then he makes two discoveries: one is an Oscar statuette, mislaid on the outskirts of his village. The other is the secret cinema history of the owner of the recycling business, once a globally recognised actor.

Winners is showing with Chester Animation Festival winning entry ‘Smile’.

The film notes for this showing can be found here

Audience feedback for our fifth film ‘The Beasts’

“Completely believable”

“Great acting if a bit slow at times”

“Savage, hard to endure”

“Two films for the price of one!”

“Men! Men! Men!”

“Clever but a bit too long”

Useless dog

“Not a film I’d recommend or want to view again”

“Too miserable – why can’t we have happier films?”

Average Score: 7.6